Wednesday, August 12, 2009


When it comes to effective communication, small beats large;
short beats long; and plain beats complex.
Sometimes, visual beats them all.

The quote above, from Dr. Frank Lutz in his book “Words that Work”, is an appropriate challenge for every leader. Good Leaders communicate. They may use the written word, they may use the spoken word, they may use only visuals and no words, but good leaders communicate.

How are you doing in your communication? Are your words simple, to the point, and memorable? Are your words consistent with your actions? Can the reader or listener visualize your intent?

Or, are no words at all the best path to take? We live in a society almost overwhelmed by the visual image – and we ask for more! Sometimes, a visual image is the best “word” we can use.

Communication – written, spoken, or visual – is just a tool you as a leader have at your disposal. But what a powerful tool! Communicate with passion, purpose, and persuasiveness in all your communications – and you will be well along the path to becoming a great leader.

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