Thursday, November 27, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude

Some of the things I'm thankful for:
  • God's love for me-personal, powerful, and eternal
  • Anita - after 29 years together, she's simply amazing. Every day brings a little something new to our relationship, and she is beautiful, inside and out.
  • Jonathan, who is great father and a wonderful provider
  • Hallie - the love of a mother is a wonder to behold
  • Jack - energy, potential, and curiosity, all bundled up in one grandson!
  • Jason, quiet, creative, and hopelessly in love for
  • Jaime, who returns the love; these two were made for each other
  • Amy, 4'11'' of hyper - squared! Life, always fun, takes on new dimensions when she's around
  • Aaron - no longer a boy, not quite a man, but a tribal leader for sure
  • Parents who loved me and taught me the things I needed to know, and am still learning 50 years later, and hope to continue to teach my children
  • In-laws who nurtured Anita and gave her some of the qualities I love
  • Friends - Dean, Beth, Steve, Donna, Gary, and Debbie - it's wonderful to sit, talk, and pray with you
  • the joy of cooking - I've always secretly wanted to be a chef-I'll have to live it out through Jonathan!
  • Buying a highchair for your grandson's first visit - and watching your daughter put it together - twice!
  • Squirrels playing at work or is it working at play? My office window gives me a daily glimpse into their lives
  • Luke, our faithful dog-mat
  • Great neighbors, Jeff and Laurie - we've raised our kids together, took care of each other's pets

more to come...

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