Thursday, October 9, 2008

Catalyst-Day One Wrap Up

I am wonderfully, powerfully, emotionally spent. When a day begins with a 45 minute worship experience with 12,000 people on their feet praising God, includes powerful messages by Andy Stanley, Steven Furtick, and Craig Groeschel, AND includes challenging, relevant presentations by two of the most in-demand business writers of today - Jim Collins and Seth Godin - what other response is there?

And I didn't even mention 24,000 white-gloved hands under black lights, moving to the beat of 3 DJs; a percussive dance troop that let their feet stomp out the rhythms; hilarious speaker introductions that included a school bus, mariachi band, dodge ball champion, fiddler, and a pig (you had to be there-ask me for the whole story).

And I didn't mention the worship sets that kicked off each of the 5 sessions of the day - talented, humble musicians who led the arena into the presence of God.

And I didn't mention the amazing stage in the round that dazzled the crowd with video and lights but didn't detract from the experience, instead ushering us into it.

There's more that I didn't mention, but this I will: a catalyst is an agent that causes a reaction to accelerate, but is not consumed in the reaction. Instead, it is available to be used again and again.

God, make me a catalyst-for my family, my faith, my friends, and my future with You.

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Chris Thompson said...

Sounds like you are getting a little fired up Bob. I love it. Please come back and bring your contagious enthusiasm and ideas and infect us @ Radiant Life with what you are getting at Catalyst.
Your friend,