Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Failing to Listen =

Dysfunctional Leadership

Case in point: Rehoboam, upon assuming the kingship of Israel after his father Solomon's death.

Ancient history, you say? No application for today?

Wrong on both counts.

At my church, Elevation Church in Charlotte, Pastor Steven Furtick is in the middle of a series called "One Generation Away". It's all about the possible danger - and incredible potential - of today's younger generations. But it's a message for all of us: the 83 year-old GI Generation, the 52 year-old Baby Boomer, the 30 year-old Gen Xer, and the 18 year-old Millennial.

We are all one generation away from changing the world.

For some of us, it's in finishing our lives well, passing along decades of wisdom and experience. For others, it's pouring ourselves into those we lead, work with, and serve alongside. For still others, it's balancing the eagerness and impatience of youth with the need to proceed with deliberate haste.

It's about listening.

John Maxwell had some great thoughts on listening to accompany the story of Rehoboam in 2 Chronicles 10:15:

Leaders must listen for two reasons:
  1. To connect with others
  2. To learn from others
To fail to listen results in:
  • Narrow vision
  • Poor decision-making skills
  • Self-centered focus
  • Demanding and impatient style
The opposite? Listen well to the following:
  • Your followers-do you know each member on your team?
  • Your customers-keep in contact with those you serve.
  • Your competitors-don't imitate, but listen in order to learn.
  • Your mentors-no leader can afford to be without a mentor's insight.
  • Your inner circle-listen to those closest to you to feel the heartbeat of the organization.
Check out Pastor Steven's sermon here.

Practice listening here...

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