Friday, November 5, 2010

How Disney Delivers Practical Magic

Disney’s Practical Magic – the stage name for Quality Service Cycle

Onstage-the response that it produces in guests when everything comes together in a seamless, seemingly effortless performance
Backstage-the nuts and bolts necessary to create a Quality Service Cycle

Quality Service defined: exceeding your guests’ expectations and paying attention to detail

The WOW! Factor – Exceeding Guests’ Expectations
  • Paying close attention to every aspect of the guest experience
  • Analyzing that experience from the guest’s perspective
  • Understanding the needs and wants of the guest
  • Committing every element of the process to the creation of an exceptional experience
Quality Service Cycle
  • Service theme-simple statement, shared among all team members, that becomes the driving force of service
  • Service standards-the criteria for actions that are necessary to accomplish the service theme
  • Service delivery systems-vehicles used to deliver service
  • Service integration-each element in the QSC combined to create a complete operating system
That’s how the elements of Quality Service come together at Disney World. The service theme generates standards. The standards are defined and delivered using three basic systems that every organization shares: its people, its physical assets, and its processes. All three are integrated and aligned. That’s the business behind the Disney brand of practical magic of guest services.

Just a couple of questions for you and your church:

So what?

Now What?

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