Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If the Church Had a Draft System

Even though I like sports, I have the distinction of being the third true "fan" in our family of three still at home. My wife is a bigger sports fan (especially pro and college football) than either my son or me. My son has a wider base of sports interest and knowledge, and I bring up the rear.

So it was with great anticipation that we watched the first two days of the recent NFL draft in its entirety, and checked in throughout the third day. Being Carolina Panther fans, and living through the ups and downs of recent seasons, we wondered which way the Panther's organization would go.

As the entire first round went by, and 15 selections in the second, the improbable suddenly became possible. Jimmy Clausen, the highly rated quarterback from Notre Dame, was still available. Having recently released our quaterback from the last few years, and wanting to have a backup (and potential starter) in place quickly, the Panthers chose Clausen. Most fans were excited about the choice, and it seemed a solid decision for the immediate and longer-term future of the team. All the scouting, combine results, and just plain luck fell into place and allowed the team to draft a highly talented player for a critical spot.

What if church organizations had to "draft" their leadership?

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