Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The March issue of "Inc" magazines has a fascinating assortment of articles on the theme of productivity: Productivity Nation: Learn from Hyper-Efficient Entrepreneurs
  • The case for a cluttered inbox
  • Don't even think about calling
  • If you have to have a meeting, first, drink water
  • Using an A-B-C list
  • An amazing executive assistant and the daily memo
  • Work from home
  • Keep some air in your schedule
  • Capture ideas from everywhere
  • Delegate sooner rather than later

In a country whose citizens work longer and get more done than anyone else, no one is more productive than entrepreneurs. To get inside the mind of the super-efficient, the magazine interviewed successful entrepreneurs in various industries around the country.

Want to check it out? The magazine is on the newsstands now - look here in a few days for online content. I'm willing to bet that you will pick up at least two or three ideas you can put into practice immediately.

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