Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Legacy: When Activity Becomes Accomplishment

In a couple of previous posts here and here, I've reflected on what John Maxwell has written about legacy. Reading through selected Psalms as a part of Elevation Church's current series "Storytellers", I came across some additional treasures on the ideas of legacy.

A huge difference exists between a legacy and an inheritance. Anyone can leave an inheritance. An inheritance is something you leave to your family or loved ones. A legacy is something you leave in your family and loved ones. Here is what Maxwell had to day in comparing the two:


  1. Something tangible you give to others

  2. Temporarily brings them happiness

  3. Eventually fades as it is spent

  4. Your activity may or not may pay off


  1. Something tangible you place in others

  2. Permanently transforms them

  3. Lives on long after you die

  4. Your activity becomes achievement

What would you rather leave: an inheritance or a legacy?

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