Monday, October 12, 2009

Catalyst Day Two Highlights

Day two of Catalyst proved to be even more powerful that the first! Some highlights include:

  • No pink Hummer this time! Arrived to a packed parking lot and lots of walking
  • Priscilla Shirer-When God interrupts our life, will we go if it is different than our planned direction?
  • Dave Ramsey-You can’t be burned out if you were never on fire in the first place.
  • New Guinness world record: high-diving from a 35' 9" platform into a foot of water
  • Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton testimony about being at the top, falling, and coming back
  • Powerful video, comments, and testimonies about
  • Chuck Swindoll-Wherever you go, do it the same as is you were among those who know you best.
  • Louie Giglio-Leadership is all about knowing and following Christ; seek His face and reflect it to the world.
  • Andy Stanley-As leaders, we choose what to put in the gap between expectations and experience; do we believe the best or assume the worst?

Catalyst 2009 is over, but like a rock thrown in a pond, the ripple effect will continue for quite some time. The experience was great for my wife and me; we learned a lot about serving the church and impacting the culture around us. But even more exciting, I wonder what the long-term impact will be on our two kids. They are already leaders in their own right. What mark will they leave as a result of Catalyst?

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