Friday, October 9, 2009

Catalyst Day One Hightlights

  • Arrival in a pink stretch Hummer (picked up in the parking lot and dropped off at the front entrance)
  • Watching silly games while waiting for the doors to open
  • Powerful worship to start the day from Kari Jobe and the Fee Band
  • Andy Stanley: Are you perfectly positioned for God to make His mark through you?
  • Jessica Jackley: We can truly believe in each other
  • Malcolm Gladwell: What we need from leaders in times of crisis is humility - starting with the ability to lisen to others
  • Shane Hipps: Christianity is fundamentally a communication event; the way you say something will shape how it is heard
  • Rob Bell: Until we are ready to take care of ourselves we will have a difficult time taking care of others
  • Tony Dungy: Players need you the most after a loss
  • Matt Chandler: Every hesitancy in obedience is God beckoning you to deeper waters
  • Francis Chan: Sometimes we don't have faith that the cross is good enough

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