Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dessert Time

Today is the final day to order off the Soul Fast Food menu! For previous orders, see here. These thoughts are driven by my ongoing learning experience with the Will Mancini's Vision co::Lab - a collaborative group learning experience designed around the principles found in "Church Unique".

Apple Pie “People”
Perhaps the greatest substitute for healthy membership identity is the group of people at church – whether ten or a hundred – who “know my name.” This is not to be seen as a knock on relationships! It is identifying “community without a cause” as both unbiblical and a common source of identity for the churchgoer. Want a demonstration? Suggest a change in service times – or ask a Bible Study class or small group to multiply. People don’t want you to mess with their relationships.

Our familiar friends, albeit essential to church life, have become central to the person’s identify.

Relationships are critically important to community life in a church. But, like too many apple pies or anything taken to excess, they can be damaging to the overall health of the body.

Tomorrow: the source of real nourishment for your church - and it's not found at your local drive-through!

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