Friday, September 18, 2009

Bottom of the Ninth

The NACDB's 2009 Certified Church Consultant training event is over. Now the real work begins! I'm not referring to the test, or the case study, or the thesis project. Yes, all the participants have additional work to do in order to complete the requirements of the certification. But the real work, engaging churches where they are at in order to help them move forward, is just beginning.

All week long I've been posting excerpts from "7 Practices of Effective Ministry", a book by Andy Stanley and the leadership team at Northpoint ministries. To wrap up the week, and look ahead, here is a summary of those seven practices.

  1. Clarify the Win fuels your momentum

  2. Think Steps, not Programs protects your alignment

  3. Narrow the Focus points you toward excellence

  4. Teach Less for More guarantees that you stay relevant

  5. Listen to Outsiders keeps you focused on growth

  6. Replace Yourself assures you of longevity

  7. Work on It positions you for discovery

Church leader, the game is still on! If you are challenged in some of the areas above, it's time to act on that. The pitch is coming your way: step up to the plate, keep your eye on the ball, and swing away!

Play Ball!

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