Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Human Element, Part 2

What's going to be the most important thing in ChurchWorld in 2010?

2010 is going to be about "The Human Element". Yesterday I introduced the idea; today, I want to finish my thoughts.

Moving Beyond the Walls
Across the country it seems as if a revival of service is taking place. In churches large and small, in urban and rural areas alike, the people of God are discovering the ministry of service in unique and practical ways. And through it all, the love of God is being offered to people who desperately need it.
What’s the deal? Here’s my take on what’s happening: We typically think of the church as the “gathered” collection of believers in a place and time: usually on Sunday mornings. Powerful worship and illuminating study of the Word of God takes place. Then the church goes home. One week later, repeat. On and on, happily oblivious to the desperate needs outside the church walls. It’s almost as if we live separate lives.Now take another look - the “scattered” church is awakening to the power of God lived out in member’s daily lives. People are realizing that they are called to be the hands and feet of Christ, ministering and serving others as they live out their daily lives.

Entrepreneurial Leaders
“Leadership” in the church is being redefined. Pastoral leadership will continue to take its rightful place in the forefront, but the wise leader will increase her leadership be releasing others to lead. While the previous sentence is “lead” heavy, it is important to the health and vitality of the church that leaders in the body be expanded exponentially, growing themselves as well as duplicating themselves. There is a growing and healthy tension as believers understand their calling and seek to live it out, not only in the church but through the church. The wise pastoral leader will not only welcome this, but do everything possible to encourage it.

“The Human Element” – in all its brightest shining reflections of Christ and in its darkest moments of fallen man – is going to be the most critical happening in the church in 2010.

Do you recognize your church in any of the above? More importantly, do you see yourself as a leader that will lead your people, the body of Christ, forward in achieving what God has called you, and only you, to accomplish?

Welcome to your future!

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