Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Traditions...Changing

For the first time in 30 years, we are spending Christmas with my children and their families away from our home.

The most important part of our Christmas tradition has been to pick a day and have our own Christmas celebration with our children. It has varied, as early as December 21 and as late as Christmas Eve day. The day is not important; just that we get to spend an unrushed, unhurried day together.

With four children four years apart (the youngest almost 29, the youngest 17) I knew this time would come. Over the past few years we’ve added wives and a grandson, but still have been able to have everyone in our home.

Till this year.

With one son in the restaurant business, and another in the world of theater, the Christmas season is a busy time. Our daughter has been on a mission trip during Christmas break. Our youngest son, though still in high school, has a busy life too. My wife and I are working steadily and busily. We are all grateful to have jobs.

So when we started looking at schedules around Thanksgiving, it became quickly apparent that there was not a single day when all nine of us could be at our home. We thought our treasured tradition was over.

Enter Jonathan, Hallie, and Jack. They invited us all to Boone, and they are hosting us all: GrandBob, Nina, Jason, Jaime, Amy, and Aaron. For most of the day on December 24th, we’re going to be together. In the same place. At the same time. Celebrating Christmas!

Not a new tradition, just changing an old one to make it work – and still be a tradition.

Merry Christmas from the Adams clan!

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