Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whose Shoulders Do You Stand On?

Will Mancini's ground-breaking book Church Unique has been out a year now, and to celebrate its first anniversary I would like to post a few of the more powerful and leadership-changing quotes. For a quick overview of Church Unique, go here.

Visionary leadership is the art of protecting the past
as we champion the future.
Wherever you stand at the moment, in whatever place you find yourself, if you turn around you will find a large group who have gone before you and prepared the way. Some are there from last week; others are there from a hundred years ago. You would do well as a leader to listen to their voices and learn from them. Bold aspirations must be rooted in the values and visions that have come before.
  • What can we learn from their vision?
  • How does their vision intersect with what God is calling us to do?

By connecting dots with the past, we are bring new meaning to the present and walk into the future with a stronger sense of identity.

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