Monday, April 20, 2009

Six Months Later...

My first Catalyst experience was a little over six months ago, but it was just like yesterday. I started the event by attending a Pre-Lab session with Dave Ferguson on Wednesday morning, and I participated in every session through the end of Friday evening.

For my immediate reactions to the event, read my blog posts beginning here. While those certainly reflect my feelings then, the purpose of several posts this week will be to look back on Catalyst events and how they continue to shape me. It’s also a reminder that Catalyst West starts this Wednesday in CA. I’m praying that it will impact the participants, and then their churches, and then their communities in a big way.

Catalyst 2008 was more than just a three day event – it was a movement, a convergence, an experience. What I found when I stepped inside the Gwinnett Center was simply this: total immersion in a learning, worship, and creative environment that was relentlessly sold out on God. Catalyst brought together many types of people: the influencers, the do-ers, the cultural architects, and the change agents who daily reclaim our communities and culture for good.

It’s been described many ways, but words fall short of the full-on multi-sensory experience – just call it what the organizers do – pure leadership adrenaline.

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