Monday, April 4, 2011

Guest Services Begins with ...


Two kinds, actually - the people who provide the Guest Services, and the people who are the recipients of your Guest Services. Let's start with the people who provide Guest Services at your church.

Greeting guests is EVERYONE's responsibility in a church. Vibrant, fruitful, growing congregations practice Radical Hospitality (a term I first heard used by Robert Schnase, Bishop in the Missouri Conference of the UMC-we'll be revisiting this concept later). The entire church focuses on those outside their congregation with as much passion as the attend to the nurture and growth of those who already belong to the family of faith, and they apply their utmost creativity, energy, and effectiveness to the task, exceeding all expectations.

Beyond the entire church body's responsibility for engaging in hospitality toward guests, there needs to be a dedicated team of individuals covering a wide range of roles under the umbrella of Guest Services. Here's a typical make-up of a Guest Services Team:

Hospitality team members welcome each person into the foyer/commons area with a kind word, a welcoming smile, and offer coffee/snacks as appropriate.

The Parking team is an excited, friendly, and smiling group of people who are the first face of your Church. This team literally makes the first impression on every guest. It’s not about putting cars in parking spots, but about creating a friendly environment where people feel genuinely welcomed.

Greeters stand at every outside access door, warmly welcoming guests, members, and regular attenders to your church. They are ready and willing to meet any need that might arise.

VIP team members go above and beyond welcoming first time guests. They go to extraordinary lengths to ensure VIPS are honored and know exactly where the worship center, children’s check-in, and restrooms are located.

Users are totally devoted to helping people find great seats before and during worship services. Their presence also helps keep people feeling out of place if they arrive late, and helps to minimize distraction once the service has begun. Ushers are also the first responders (with appropriate other teams) in emergencies.

The follow-up team partners with the church staff and other designated teams to implement the appropriate follow-up process to guests.

Medical Team
The medical team is a network of medical professionals on call during worship hours to respond to medical emergencies.

The security team monitors the entire campus to make sure everyone at your church is safe as can be. Special training and/or currently serving law enforcement officers is a requirement.

The above teams are representative of the roles and responsibilities that Guest Services fulfill at the typical church. Other churches may add specific teams as needed for special and unique opportunities.

Guest Services begins with people who are totally sold out to providing a WOW! Experience to all who come to your campus. They are the foundation to a successful guest experience.


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