Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is Your Life a Story?

Tom Peters thinks so.

In fact, he goes even further. In his book "The Little BIG Things!" Peters has a chapter entitled

You Are Your Story!
So Work on It!

A few highlights:

He/she who has the most compelling/most resonant story wins:
  • In life
  • In business
  • In front of the jury
  • In front of the congregation
Stories are 100 percent about emotion - and emotion, far more than dynamite, moves mountains.

  Your schedule today is...a short story with a beginning, narrative, end, and memory that lives on.
  Your current project unfolding story about making something better, exciting users, etc.
  Your organization's reason for existence and therefore its effectiveness, is...a story.
  Your career is...a story.

Master the art of storymaking-storytelling-story doing-story presenting

How are you writing - and telling - your story today?

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