Friday, July 23, 2010

More on The Big Idea

The last thing the mission of Jesus Christ needs is more Christians…

Startling sentence? Yes – but the facts bear it out: While the majority of people in the US call themselves Christians (as high as 85%), how are they doing when it comes to accomplishing Jesus’ mission? Some recent research reveals the following:

  • Christians are no more likely to give assistance to a homeless person than non-Christians
  • Christians are no more likely than non-Christians to correct the mistake of a cashier giving them too much change
  • A Christian is just as likely to have an elective abortion as a non-Christian
  • Christians divorce at the same rate as those who consider themselves non-Christians
  • Even though there are more big churches than ever before filled with people who proudly call themselves Christian, 50 % of Christian churches didn’t help one single person find salvation

The Barna Research Group did a survey involving over 150 items like the above comparing the general population with those who called themselves Christians. The survey found virtually NO difference between the two groups: no difference in the attitudes and no difference in the actions. There is a huge problem of the absence of distinction between Christians and non-Christians. Where is the church missing out?

Dave Ferguson and the leaders at Christian Community Church have approached this problem from a unique angle. The result: "The Big Idea", an action plan that will help you focus the message and sharpen the impact of your church on the community. Yesterday, I took a look at how they saw the problem; today, a sketch of a very workable solution.

It is one Big Idea at a time that brings clarity to the confusion that comes from too many little ideas.
  • The Big Idea can help you creatively present one laser-focused theme each week to be discussed in families and small groups
  • The Big Idea shows you how to engage in a process of creative collaboration that brings people together and maximizes missional impact
  •  The Big Idea can energize a church staff and bring alignment and focus to many diverse church ministries

The Big Idea is a great resource for you to use in your church. I encourage you to get the book today! Here’s a link to order it!

Are you on a church staff? What's your Big Idea this Sunday? Or do you have a bunch of competing little ideas?

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