Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do You Have 20-20 Leadership Vision?

Have you had a vision check-up recently?

Not seeing-with-your-eyes vision, but leadership vision.

No matter what your definition of leadership vision, you inevitably see it through a lens and a filter.

An optical lens is a device with perfect or approximate symmetry which transmits and reflects light, converging or diverging the beam. Your leadership lens (you may have more than one) works in a similar fashion, allowing you to focus in on a specific matter on one hand, while sometimes causing you to lose focus on others.

An optical filter is a device that selectively transmits light having certain properties while blocking the remainder. Your leadership filters work-consciously or unconsciously-to let some things register while keeping out others.

What lens are you looking at your world through?

What filters do you view reality through?

Knowing the answers to those two questions won't give you 20-20 leadership vision, but to trying to lead without an awareness of your lens and filters will surely cause leadership myopia at best, and leadership blindness at worst.

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