Monday, May 25, 2009

Solving the Leadership Shortage

The United States generates more energy than any other country in the world – and wastes more than half of it. Rather than focusing on inventing new sources of energy, there is a growing trend to concentrate on a vast source of existing energy – by increasing the efficiency of current operations.

Church leader, sit up and take notice: what works in the business world can provide help in your world too. Your “leadership engine” is probably not working as well as you would like. If your church is like most churches, you are always looking for more leaders. How about looking right under your nose: your next, and best, leaders are probably already working in a ministry at your church. All you need to do is become more “efficient” at discovering and then transitioning these individuals into ministry leaders.

Transitioning a Volunteer into a Leader
The word “leader” and any derivative of it are sure to capture the attention of those responsible for the vision, direction, and operation of the church. Pastors especially are always looking for the latest help in providing more resources to help guide the ministries of their churches. Even the smallest church needs many leaders to effectively minister to their members and the community.

How does a leader go about developing other leaders? There is certainly no shortage of books, conferences, and courses on the subject. Web resources also provide a wealth of information for the leader interested in setting up such a program.

In over 30 years in church leadership experience (as a volunteer, leader, staff member, and consultant) I would suggest three starting points:
  • Not everyone on your team will, or should be a leader
  • Develop resources from your own experience to begin to develop others
  • Always look to the Scriptures for guidance

This week I want to invite you to spend some time looking at leadership development from a new perspective: developing the leaders who are already in your church.

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